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ConcertCam is a tool that automatically replaces the distorted audio of cell phone videos taken at concerts with professionally recorded, crystal clear audio recorded directly from the soundboard. It's a simple way for fans to enhance the videos they take at concerts with clean, clear audio, and easily allows for artists to unlock quality and unique footage of their shows.

How does it work?

  • Upload

    Fans like you upload videos from a concert. The artist/venue/festival will also upload a professionally mixed recording of the same event.

  • Enhance

    Next, ConcertCam finds where each video synchronizes with the proffessional audio, and will then mix the music from the professional recording back into the video.

  • Watch

    The result is a new, enhanced version of your video which is crystal-clear and sounds amazing.

Engage your fans. Unlock new content.

ConcertCam provides artists, bands, record labels, and management teams with high quality, previously unattainable video content, with almost no extra work.

Your fans are already filming you.
Take advantage of it.

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